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For my professional portfolio I chose  different PR items I have done within my internship in the PR agency Konstruktiv PR, for one of our client projects in my postgraduate studies, and for my work at Different PR.

For my internship, I participate writing my first english press release for the agency Konstruktiv PR. The agency works with different insolvency lawyers in Hamburg which have clients around  Europe. One of their clients was Larsen Danish Seafood which went insolvent in 2014.

The Press release:

Larsen Danish Seafood Sold

6.February 2015

Negotiations with Faroe fishing company successfully completed 

Kiel, 6th February 2015 – A few days after the opening of insolvency proceedings over the assets of the Larsen Danish Seafood Group (Case No .: 56 IN 294/14) by the District Court Flensburg on February 1st 2015 Wilhelm Salim Khan Durani for Cornelius + Krage, the law firm acting as insolvency administrator in Germany, announced the successful conclusion of sales negotiations. Together with his Danish colleague Finn Lynge Jepsen he could sell the two German companies Larsen Danish Seafood GmbH and the Larsen Danish Seafood (Leegina) GmbH as well as the trademark Larsen, registered in Denmark, to the fishing company Christian i Grótinum from the Faroe Islands. “The sites in Harrislee and Bremerhaven will remain and the majority of the over 300 jobs will be untouched,” says Wilhelm Salim Khan Durani. “We are pleased to have found a forward-focused solution with a partner to whom Larsen is an ideal addition to the portfolio.” The negotiations were supported by Frankfurt based Distressed M&A specialist Rödl Consulting.

Larsen Seafood – Danish Fish-Tradition

Larsen Seafood was founded as a fish trade company in Frederikshavn (Northern Jutland, Denmark) back in 1899. Today Larsen Seafood employs more than 300 people in Denmark as well as in Germany, where the two production facilities are located. Larsen Seafood processes process fish from Nordic waters, such as mackerel, herring and salmon as well as exotic species like tuna, hake and sea bass. The products are exported to most of Europe and more than 50 countries around the globe.

Legal Advice and Insolvency Administration 

The partnership Cornelius + Krage, established by Dr. Claus Cornelius, Dr. Carsten Krage und Wilhelm Salim Khan Durani in 2001, today advises national and international clients in all fields of commercial and corporate law as well as insolvency law. The partnership’s consultancy services especially focus on the establishment, acquisition and sale of enterprises (M&A) as well as their transformation, restructuring and reorganization.

Contact person for press and public relations:

Minou Tikrani, Konstruktiv PR-Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Telefon +49 40 552003-10, Mobil +49 175 5246304, E-Mail

The Press Release can be downloaded (word and pdf) as well as a portrait of Wilhelm Salim Khan Durani under

Link here

For Larsen Danish Seafood and the insolvency lawyer it is important to communicate the insolvency process positively. Therefore, it is important keeping the target audience and public updated and being transparent. How did this press release supported the client needs? By sending out the press release the company keeps their target audience updated and creates honesty and trust. For the insolvency lawyer it is a possibility to create himself a good image towards the public and court.

This is a good example for a press release within the insolvency industry. It is simple, informative and is basically targeting the audience the client and the company needs. For journalists the release provides all information and contact details and it is written honest and transparent. The media cannot interpret the release negatively. It is really short but says right away what the company wants to communicate to the public. The industry of the insolvency industry is concentrating on facts and fast processes, therefore is this a perfect press release for interested media and public. The heading is quick and gives the target audience an idea of what the press release is about.

Furthermore, I did media monitoring for their client Reemtsma which is a subsidiary from the tobacco company Imperial Tobacco. The subsidiary has three locations in Germany.

Meaning, reading and analyzing print, online and broadcast media for the client. Analyzing the articles about Reemtsma but also so finding news about their competitors. This monitoring process lasted one month and at the end of the month I needed to create a portfolio for the client. Including statistics about their presence in the media but also the competitor’s presence. At the end we need to evaluate the monthly media presence by creating a report with all the information found. This helped building a deeper relationship between the agency and the client.

Media Monitoring itself is an important part of communication work. It can be used to interpret the publics opinion about the organization. Their attitude might have a big impact on the organization’s future, especially, to avoid issues management and to prevent a crisis. Furthermore, it gives an insight of the target audience categories and a competitor analysis. Media scanning is a daily practice for professionals. Aiming to find as many mentions of their clients names, it is possible to evaluate their media presence better and the journalistic engagement in the media. In addition, it is helpful to evaluate campaigns and to improve future campaigns and communication strategies. Last but not least is media monitoring a great way to turn negative attitudes into positive publicity. Therefore is media monitoring an important part within the PR daily work and to work sufficiently for the client. Furthermore, it helps to develop or improve the clients communication strategy. (Sterne, 2011)

For my current postgraduate studies we were able to work for IKEA Leeds. Our class was divided into four groups which had to develop a communication strategy for the company. At the end there was a pitch and the company chose which strategy they liked the most. Fortunately, my group was the lucky winner at the end. (The link for the article about our project can be found in the sources)

We developed a communication strategy for their home office furniture department in IKEA Leeds. Basically, we did some primary research, by completing two different surveys. One instore survey, asking customers face-to-face, and one online survey we sent to small-medium sizes business in the Leeds area. For the secondary research we had different books and a report provided by IKEA. We developed a new business card for the IKEA store and presented our ideas how to communicate our new business cards to the small-medium businesses. We suggested to organize different events, created a new social media strategy, communicate the new business office furniture section and cards through their catalogue and online newsletter and to redesign their office furniture section.

With our solutions and developed communication strategy it is possible for IKEA Leeds to benefit from it and improve their sales of office furniture. IKEA Leeds would benefit and reach their communication goals. The future will show if they use all or some of our ideas we provided them.


Furthermore, within my work at Different PR I write different press releases. I am happy to say that some of them got published in the local newspapers:




Writing press releases, doing media monitoring and doing different research strategies to develop a successful communication strategy is part of the daily work of a PR professional. I am glad I can say I learned how to work as a PR practitioner and happy to still learn.



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