I decided to write my first personal blog about my experience within my Master and doing a placement in the UK.

Starting my journey last year in august 2015, two weeks after I graduated from my undergraduates studies was a lot to take. I had no holiday and no time to relax. Finishing one adventure I went straight to the next one.

My first stop was the Hanze University in Groningen, Netherlands, where I had different classes about corporate identity, branding and most importantly culture. Culture is a huge theme in the PR industry. To do business with other people, maybe people from other countries, I personally think it is important to understand their culture.

For example, my class existed of people from all over the world: Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Denmark, Vietnam, Malaysia, Norway and Netherlands. Working all together for our client project was not always easy. Dealing with cultural differences within the group and the cultural background of the client was meant a lot of work not just working for the project but also dealing and understanding cultures. My group existed of three girls: Russia, Ukraine and Norway. This was more like a confrontation of East and West cultures. The other challenge was that our client was a Dutch company wanting to export into the Chinese market and brand their company. Therefore, we needed to understand the Dutch and the Chinese culture more deeply. Luckily, we managed our task and successfully completed the client project

My next stop was Leeds, UK. Whenever I told people I am moving to Leeds the first question was: Where? I honestly did not know where or what Leeds was. After doing research about the city I found out it is one of the biggest cities in the UK. After arriving here, and moving to a house together with five boys – which sometimes is a challenge but I enjoy living with them – I started my specialization at the Leeds Business School in PR, Digital Communication and Communications Audit. This gave me the first insight of actually studying and living abroad. Groningen is – to be honest – just 50 min away from my mother’s place, meaning, it did not really felt like living abroad.

After a while I felt really home. Even though the British culture is sometimes really weird, I enjoy staying here. I fell in love with the countryside and the people. I found some friends here which are like my family. Having the feeling that staying here is the right thing for me at the moment I am hoping to find a full-time job in the UK.

Furthermore, I always wanted to work internationally and live in a English speaking country. Deciding to stay in the UK I found a placement in a little and adorable small PR agency called DifferentPR in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This placement gives me the first insight of working abroad and I am loving it. Improving my writing and oral skills I am enjoying the atmosphere and the little challenges.

At the moment, I am trying to follow my dreams and work full-time in a bigger agency and gain more experience and expanding my network. I want to learn and I want to improve my skills. My english might not be the best yet but that is why I am here and looking for an agency who is willing to give me the chance to become the PR professional I want to be.




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  1. Awesome Blog! I really loved it. Would be waiting for more good stuffs from your side! 😀


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